Mezco Toyz has released the pre-order details for their One:12 Collective Punisher collectible figure. The piece includes two head portraits capturing Frank Castle’s intimidating demeanor as portrayed by Jon Bernthal. Outfitted in a leather-like overcoat and armored vest with skull insignia, he comes complete with an arsenal of weapons, true to the Punisher’s menacing reputation. The figure is currently available to pre-order for $80.00 and expected to begin shipping between November 2018 and January 2019.

The One:12 Collective Punisher figure features the following:

  • Two head portraits
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of gun holding hands
  • Pair of holding hands
  • Pair of posing hands
  • Three-quarter sleeve t-shirt
  • Utility vest
  • Duty belt
  • Cargo pants
  • Leather-like overcoat
  • Tactical boots
  • Two handguns
  • Machine gun
  • Knife (fits into sheath on vest)
  • Blast gun effect
  • Firing gun effect

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