I put a disclaimer on the last Kickstarter project from Discordia Culture Shop, similar to what I post on every Kickstarter project I post about. Well, the folks from that site didn't understand/like that I might have intimated that backers don't always receive their rewards...so I received several angry responses from them. 

With that said, they're back with a "new" Kickstarter - trying to fund the DIY Miss Cupcake XL vinyl. So this isn't really new. The DIY Miss Cupcake was released by Dreamland Toyworks back in 2009 - article here. I guess the XL is new, as the size has increased from 3 inches to 5 inches.

I'm a skeptic...especially when provoked. So I did some calculations on the current Kickstarter campaign. You can see backing levels and the number of backers for each level on Kickstarter. I assumed each backer gave the amount at their backed level. That amounted to $300 pledged...however, somehow, the project is at $1,618. That's a fairly substantial sum (average of $85.20) for a project that only has 19 backers and none of them at a pledge level over $32.

I noticed that one of Discordia's owners backed the project. That's a little odd...backing your own Kickstarter. I always wondered if some of these Kickstarter projects temporarily inflate their current pledged amount in order to look more attractive to other backers (there is a herd mentally about Kickstarter). Could that be what's happening here?

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