Lee from Big Man Toys has posted the following blog entry. I know I'm envious of his situation and the fact that he was able to make the decision to get back into creating. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that - for one reason or another - but it's definitely inspiring stuff.

About a month ago, I had what would be considered a very enviable day-job. It's a spot that lots of people in town would have done anything to get selling a very cool product. I was earning more money than I ever thought I would, and I was miserable. I released one toy in that time (on Shapeways - I didn't even have time to produce it myself) and it was the only thing during that period that felt like any kind of accomplishment.

There was nothing wrong with the job I had, I think we're all just wired differently. I did fine and was happy to over-deliver for customers but it wasn't my product. Compliments directed to me were for something I had no part in creating. I have to make toys.

It's been 5 years since I found out just how happy making toys and the art of running a small business make me. Sculpting felt fun, casting felt great, people buying my stuff felt really good, and at the very least, breaking even financially while I continue to learn rather than paying to go on a course really kept me going.

Anyway, no grand mission statement. I know how lucky I am to live in a first world country and have this as an option. I've been making toys as an impulse and nessecity for 5 years now. The only thing is that it is now all I do. I'll be putting out the best stuff I can.

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