The fine folks from playsometoys have dropped their Classicbot Classic designer toy collectible. You might remember that, a few months back, they changed the name of the figure from Macinbot Classic to Classicbot Classic. Same toy…new name.

And in addition to the Standard Edition, playsometoys has released their Thailand Special Edition Classicbot Classic. Limited to a run of only 200 pieces, this special version features a classic TRON paint scheme. You’ve got me sold on that one.

The Classicbot Classic is modeled after the Macintosh Classic, a desktop computer sold by Apple in the early 1990’s. It featured an all-in-one monitor with a keyboard and mouse. The toy uses that same design and adds in a pair of magnetic arms and legs that snap into the bottom of the monitor body.

The figure includes a pair of accessories. You will find the classic mouse. (Is that a smiley face on it? I do think so) Also, there’s the briefcase with the letter A on it. If my memory serves me correctly, this would be the old-school Apple system icon for fonts. It’s fairly easy to snap the briefcase into ol’ Classicbot Classic’s classically classic hands.

Even though I made mention of what a huge TRON fan I am, I feel the standard version works great at reproducing the look of the Classic personal computer. And I’m not saying I don’t like the TRON colorway. What I’m saying is that these are both amazing in their own right.

It’s been a while since I’ve rated a toy as high as the Classicbot Classic. And it’s been an extremely long time since I’ve rated a designer toy at this level. But it just checks all of the boxes – retro chic, fun (magnetic arms), great design, and better than perfect price point.

So, if you don’t pick up a Classicbot Classic…you only have yourself to blame. But you will be seeing this little guy again when I post about my best toys/collectibles of 2017. No doubt about it.

The Facts

Classicbot Classic
Series: Classicbot
Manufacturer: playsometoys
Material: Plastic with magnetic arms
Dimensions: 5 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 5 (legs, hips, and arms)
Designs: Standard Edition; Thailand Special Edition (200 pieces)
Accessories: Font briefcase; Mouse
Pricing: Standard - $27.00; Thailand - $31.00

You can pick one up at the following: Standard - $27.00; Thailand Version - $31.00


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