I'll be posting 10 Questions with... a number of artists who are taking part in the Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change Toy Show , presented by Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr and taking place November 4-25 2017 in NYC.

Artist/Toy Maker: Eze Karpf
Submission: My Family Builders (magnetic toy set)
Website: https://myfamilybuilders.com/
Twitter: @MyFamilyBuilder
Instagram: @myfamilybuilders

Where are you originally from?
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Who is your favorite artist (any artist, any medium)?
Wooden toys by Joaquín Torres-García and Etchings by Erik Desmazieres

What was your favorite toy line as a child?

What's your most prized collectible?
The first edition of the Religious Ceremonies of the World, illustrated by Picart- published in the 18th century.

What was the last film you watched?
"El hombre de al lado" ( The man next door) / Directors: Cohn-Duprat.

Do you unbox and display or keep MIB (mint in box)?

What was the last book you read?
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems -Richard Ferber ( I have a 16month baby 😉

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Neither nor.

What motto/creed do you try to live by?
"The Journey is the Goal”. More and more I try to work on projects that I know that I will have fun developing them, not just when we finish it.

What was the inspiration behind the piece that you produced for the Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change toy show?
I was not able to understand the lack of representation in todays' toys for toddlers, specially because at this early ages toys are super important elements to introduce the world to children. I felt there was a need for a toy that represents more than the archetypical family portray by the toy industry (one dad, one mom, one boy and one girl, 90% of the time blond and white). The idea is to let children learn that there is not one family model but many, that the image of the word family can look very different and all this different versions are great!

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