Geof Darrow and ThreeA proudly present a new 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure of one of the most endearing, brutally violent, and hysterical comic book characters of all time – The Shaolin Cowboy. The development team at ThreeA have worked closely with Darrow to craft the silent hero down to every last detail – from head sculpt, to fit of the clothing, to the minute etched emblem of the pistol grip, to the iconic Bo staff with detachable chainsaws – all in effort to ensure The Shaolin Cowboy appears as if he’s jumped off the page, ready to lop off heads.

This amazingly accurate figure will be available for pre-order over at Bambaland beginning at 9PM ET on Thursday September 7th 2017. It will run $220.00, and orders include Free Worldwide Shipping via Courier.

The 1/6th scale Shaolin Cowboy figure features the following:

  • Finely Tailored Fabric Clothing including Faux Leather Arm Bracer, Kerchief, and Denim Pants
  • Painted Weathered Detailing
  • Two Chainsaws
  • Bo Staff
  • Sword with Sheath
  • Colt 45 Pistol
  • Belt with Holster
  • Belt with Multi-tool
  • Three Left Hands (Fist, Relax, Weapon Holding)
  • Four Right Hands (Fist, Relax, Weapon Holding, Pistol Grip)

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