Beginning at 9PM ET Today (August 30th 2017), ThreeA will be taking pre-orders for their BRNZ MSTR TK - DR3AD REFLEX PRELUDE. The figure will be available for a 24 hour limited time only at Bambaland. The 1/6th scale collectible figure, designed by Ashley Wood, will be available for $180.00 (including free worldwide shipping).

Wandering the high plains of this new world, his mind awash with a broken memory of a life lost, where his beloved 7BONES were cut down searching for extra seconds to give the Punk King and Lady Sham a chance to go back. Watching his Queenie fall last, her bravery making their passing an honor. An honor now lost, as he walks alone, back amongst the living. His thoughts drift to his Queenie, he walks on...

The BRNZ MSTR TK 1/6th scale figure includes the following:

  • Relax right bot hand
  • Gun holding right bot hand
  • Sword holding right bot hand
  • Relaxed left human gloved hand
  • Gun holding left human gloved hand
  • Sword holding left human gloved hand
  • Large swords
  • Two Colt Anacondas with holsters
  • Bullet strap
  • TK Pouches set
  • Messenger bag
  • Eight TK Grenades
  • Two Master5 Grenades
  • Pair of Boots

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