The folks at LootCrate have introduced a new monthly subscription service called SportsCrate. Featuring items from ten Major League Baseball teams, the Crate starts at $39.99 per month. Or you can pick up a season pass, which covers from May through September, for $179.99. You basically choose one team (Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Mets, Rangers, Red Sox, Royals, Tigers, or Yankees) and receive 5 to 7 team specific items. What drew my eye was that LootCrate has produced their own line of action figures called Ballers.

Recently, I spoke with Logan Lubera, the Creative Director at Loot Crate, about the new Sports Crate subscription box and, specifically, the Ballers line. Logan, who previously worked at Marvel Comics, Hasbro, and Blizzard, gave me the low-down on what to expect from the Ballers line.

If you’ve seen the May lineup, each SportsCrate includes that team’s Ace Pitcher Baller. Subsequent monthly Crates will have a similar theme. For example, one month could be clubhouse leaders or home run hitters. There could be a month of .230 hitting utility infielders…although, I doubt they’d be that popular.

The Ballers line is unique in a somewhat congested sports collectible arena. Logan said each figure has at least 21 points of articulation, giving the line much more movement than other baseball figures out there. Also, I like how they’ve captured each player’s look with a stylized, slightly oversized head. I can’t imagine that baseball fans won’t love the Ballers line.

As far as the other teams, there are no concrete plans to add more for this season. So you might need to wait until next year to grab one of the other 20 teams. If you do pick up that Season Pass SportsCrate (for $179.99), you’ll get an additional exclusive Ballers figure (plus a reduced price on the 5 months). But that deal is only available through May 31st.

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