Diamond Comic Distributors and Beast Kingdom present new additions to their line of PREVIEWS Exclusive Action Figures. Fans can pick up Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus - the now iconic duo from Rogue One - in that stylized Egg Attack line. With the likeness of superstar Donnie Yen, this elaborate Chirrut action figure features professional coating and a moveable eye design that fully depicts the enchanting assertive look present by the character. Accompanying Chirrut is his ever-present guardian Baze. Featuring a domineering temperament and a one-piece uniform made of real fabrics, Baze is ready to wage war against the Empire with the Rebels.

Look for both figures to be released in September 2017, with the Chirrut figure carrying a suggested price of $60.00 and Baze running $73.00

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