Threezero has announced that the 1/6th scale One Punch Man: Genos articulated figure is currently available for pre-order. This fully-articulated figure stands approximately 12 inches tall and features a highly-detailed cyborg body. The Genos head sculpt includes detachable face pieces and light-up eyes, while the figure’s chest includes interchangeable open-mode magnetized parts with a light-up removable core. Genos left arm is exchangeable with “Incineration Cannon” arm and both left arms feature articulated fingers and light-up mode. 

The figure is available as a regular version for $190.00 (worldwide shipping included in the price) or as a Threezero Exclusive for $210.00. The Threezero Exclusive version comes with an interchangeable Incineration Cannon Right Arm.

The 1/6th scale One Punch Man: Genos figure features the following:

  • Detachable side face pieces (left and right)
  • Interchangeable open-mode chest parts (magnetized)
  • Detachable core piece for chest
  • Interchangeable left arm "Incineration Cannon" parts (with articulated fingers)
  • White shirt with collar
  • Light-blue hooded shirt
  • Pants with belt
  • Set of boots
  • Light-up feature in the eyes, chest, and palms
  • Threezero Store Exclusive: Interchangeable “Incineration Cannon” right arm.

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