The folks from The Party Animal Inc. have released several series of their popular TeenyMates figures. They’ve taken on licenses from the four major American sports leagues – the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. And now they’ve moved on to professional wrestling with their WWE TeenyMates line.

We received the WWE TeenyMates Collector Tin, which includes four blind bags, an exclusive glow-in-the-dark Macho Man TeenyMates figure, and a WWE Arena Display. Each blind bag includes two random figures plus two double-sided puzzle pieces. In total, you receive nine WWE TeenyMates in the Collector Tin.

While the licensed sports league figures are mainly generic characters that highlight teams rather than a specific player, the WWE TeenyMates are sculpted to look like a specific wrestler. The chosen wrestlers span the decades and include both men and women wrestlers.

Also available in singular blind bags, you could pull any of the following WWE Superstars:

Big Show; Bray Wyatt; Bret Hart; Brie Bella; Brock Lesnar; Daniel Bryan; Dean Ambrose; Dolph Ziggler; Golddust; Jey Uso; Jimmy Uso; John Cena; Kane; Kofi Kingston; Macho Man Randy Savage; Nikki Bella; Randy Orton; Roman Reigns; Seth Rollins; Shaemus; Sin Cara; Stardust; Sting; Stone Cold Steve Austin; The Rock; The Ultimate Warrior; The Undertaker; Triple H

Having watched WWE since I was a youngster, I was easily able to identify the figures I pulled. So I asked my 6-year-old son, who is an occasional wrestling viewer, and he was able to name all of the current wrestlers. My guess is that means they’ve done a pretty good job sculpting these 1-inch tall TeenyMates. And the paint application on a line of this size (they are teeny) is pretty good as well. Not much slop, nor many missed spots.

My kids always want to pick up a blind bag of NHL TeenyMates whenever we go to a Hurricanes game. So I have a bunch of them. And while I like the league-licensed figures, I think the likenesses of actual WWE wrestlers is all that more impressive. Plus, there are dozens of wrestlers they could immortalize as 1-inch tall Teenymates. And since this is labeled as Series 1, let’s hope they continue to do just that.

The Facts

WWE TeenyMates Collector Tin
Series: TeenyMates
Manufacturer: The Party Animal Inc.
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 1-inch tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 32 current and classic WWE wrestlers
Pricing: $19.99

To pick one up, check out the following: $19.99 $14.05

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