Thoughtfull Toys is looking to shake up the toy car world with their Modarri line. Coined “The Ultimate Toy Car”, Modarri cars are building toys that allow kids and adults to construct their desired car design from millions of possibilities and dozens of parts.

Each car is broken down into seven parts, each one being interchangeable. There are the wheels, front and rear suspension, chassis, seat, fender, hood, and metal frame. They also include a hex tool screwdriver that allows you to tear everything down and put everything back together. The cars use retained screws, so you can’t fully unscrew the screws. It’s a nice touch…since no one ever wants to be searching the floor for tiny missing screws.

The folks from Modarri were nice enough to send along a few different sets, which we’re taking a look at.

The Delux 3-Pack Set (it is spelled without the E) includes the S1, X1, and T1 designs. There are three car frames and chassis plus five hoods and fenders. There are also two suspensions per car and four wheels per car. All of these things can be swapped out using the three hex tools (each colored similar to a car). The set also comes with eight traffic cones to test your driving prowess. The Delux 3-Pack retails for $59.99.

The Delux X1 Dirt Car Set includes both the orange dirt car and blue/silver concept car hoods and fenders along with the dirt car frame and chassis. It also comes with a hex screwdriver tool that allows you to swap between the two designs. The set sells for $24.99.

And the Le Mans T1 Track Body Pack includes a hood, frame, and fenders in a purple, black and white theme. The parts are interchangeable with all of the other Modarri cars. They have several other body packs available, each one retailing for $9.99.

Currently, there are four different car designs available. There’s the S1 – Street Stinger, S2 – Street Muscle Car, T1 – Track Attack Car, and X1 – Off-Road Basher. In the photo above, you're looking at the S1, T1, and X1 from left to right. We didn’t get a chance to check out the S2 design in this review.

To drive a Modarri car, you place your finger (any finger) in the base of the driver’s seat. You then apply pressure from side to side to steer it. Think of them as a more advanced fingerboard. You need to use the same type of control with your finger and hand. Admittedly, you’ll be doing fewer tricks with the Modarri cars…but it’s still possible to do figure eights and sharp turns.

It's that unique driving experience plus the ability to mix and match and create your own custom car (they also have a DIY version) that's led to the Modarri line's overall grade. To stand out, and to do something unique, in a market or field that’s been around for decades is impressive. I’ve found these to be some of the most playable toys I’ve reviewed on the site. I had to take photos the first day the box rolled in; else my five and six year old boys wouldn’t have let me get any packaging shots.

And the appeal to the Modarri cars is two-fold. There are the unique driving capabilities. You steer with your finger in the seat and the suspension to your pressure. But there’s also the ability to swap parts and create a car that’s your own design – truly unique.

The Facts

Manufacturer: Thoughtfull Toys
Material: Plastic with metal frame
Dimensions: About 4.5 inches long
Designs: S1 – Street Stinger; S2 – Street Muscle Car; T1 – Track Attack Car; X1 – Off-Road Basher
Accessories: Hex screwdriver tool
Pricing: Bundles range from $18.99 to $368.99

You can pick up a single car at the following (plenty of other sets and packs available): $18.99 $18.99

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