Mad Lids are a new series of collectible NFL Mini Caps from Party Animal Toys. Each blind bag features two mini NFL team caps with the NFL team, New Era and NFL logo printed on them. The hats measure about 2 inches from brim to back. The blind bag also comes with a pair of display stands, each one with a sticker that you affix to the front of it.


Party Animal provided us with a few blind bags to take a look at. As you can see, I pulled the Giants, Dolphins, Jets, Broncos, 49ers, and Texans. The printing on each hat is nice and clear. And the displays bases can actually snap together to make a pretty nice displayable option.


Do you remember collecting those vending machine football helmets back in the 1980’s? I still probably have a few out in my garage somewhere. Or how about those MLB batting helmets? These Mad Lids remind me a lot of those. There’s sort of a retro feel to the series. And they’re about the same scale.


Plus, I like that they’re some of the most collector friendly items I’ve reviewed in a while. No need to find display shelves or use any type of sticky tack to get a good look…it’s all included in the blind bag.

The Facts

Mad Lids
Manufacturer: Party Animal Inc.
Authorized Likeness: NFL and New Era hats
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 2 inches
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 32 NFL Team Caps, Plus 4 Rare: Glow in the Dark; NFL Line Judge; Camouflage; Metallic Gold
Pricing: 4-pack - $15.96

You can currently pick one up at the following: $15.96 - 4 pack $19.93 - 5 pack


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