Cellphones have pretty much replaced cameras and video cameras. You can still pick up a point and shoot or a video camera (maybe from Crazy Eddie?), but with the advances in technology, smartphones have essentially become picture and video editing studios.

Special FX Master is attempting to take that one step further. They’ve created a Kickstarter project to attain funding to produce what would basically allow you to record smartphone videos with special effects. This prop-based special effects kit features a standalone app that lets you choose from which prop you’re using (there are five of them, which we’ll go over). Then, it allows you to pick what special effect you want that prop to be replaced by.

For instance, you can wear the headband prop. That prop features a plastic piece with what appears to be a code on it, so the app knows what it’s looking at. You then select what special effect you want (each prop currently has 10 special effects). I chose a vomiting alien head, which freaked my kids out. They, then, refused to do any more videos, which is why the videos shown here are from Special FX Master. I must say, they are representative of what I shot using my cellphone.

So the five props you would receive are the Action Poster, Action Wrist Prop, Head Gear Prop, Action Blaster Prop, and the Action Case Prop. Currently, the Kickstarter project has a $25.00 Early Bird funding level that would get you the entire kit. Once those 400 spots are filled, the Special FX Master Kit will be available at the $40.00 funding level.

I’ve spent well over $25.00 on DLC for several smartphone app based videogames (that I no longer play). I’m looking at my children and you, Pokemon Go. I thought $40.00 was a pretty good price for the SFX Master kit, but $25.00 is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Since we do live in this new world of posting photos and videos to Facebook and other social media platforms, I see this as a way of stepping up your game. You think your kid riding a bike is so great? Mine just blew a hole in the wall with his wrist mounted laser gun.

Special FX Master did provide me with a pre-production prop kit and access to a test version of their app to test out for this review. The Kickstarter funding for this project ends on Saturday, November 5th 2016 at 12:12PM EDT. And as with all Kickstarter projects, I like to warn that you should read Kickstarter’s terms – backers are pledging money to creators to bring their project to life.

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