The August 2016 Loot Crate took on an interesting theme – the Anti-Hero. No. Not the Ant Hero – the Antihero. The antihero is a protagonist who often lacks the morals of your everyday heroic character. They’re usually dark, sometimes dishonest, but often have some sort of redeeming quality (oftentimes not apparent until the end of the film/novel/etc).


This month’s Loot Crate assembles a group of items based on characters that most likely would be classified as an antihero. First, there’s the box that everything comes shipped in. It can be re-assembled into Harley Quinn’s (the Suicide Squad version) mallet.


As with every Loot Crate, there’s a t-shirt included. This month, you received the Sterling Archer Dangerzone President 2016 grey tee. Archer fans should rejoice. And he’s likely a viable write-in candidate for those of you who are still undecided.


The second apparel item is a bright pair of yellow socks. Based on The Bride’s outfir from Kill Bill Vol. 1, these socks are spattered with blood. Try explaining to your kids why you’re wearing fake blood spattered socks. It’s fun.


Of course, there’s a Loot Pin. The August 2016 Loot Pin is from World of Warcraft. Oh yeah, and there’s some World of Warcraft DLC included with the Crate.

If you were looking for a piggy bank replacement, one of the major items in the Crate is a Hellboy Right Hand of Doom Ceramic Bank from Zak! It’s funny. I looked at the Zak! website and they seem to specialize in trendy dinnerware…with some licensed cups, plates, etc. from mostly kids licenses. But how could one complain about a Hellboy bank?


Finally, the major item from the Anti-Hero Loot Crate is the Harley Quinn Q Fig statue from Quantum Mechanix. This is the more traditional version of Harley Quinn (maybe more villain than antihero). She’s in her black and red jester outfit. But the rear of the box advertises a Suicide Squad version of the character. The statue also features hyena (Bud or Lou?) dressed in a jester hat and a speech bubble. You can remove the clear “Hi Puddin! Miss Me?” vinyl sticker and write on the bubble with a dry erase marker.

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