From Phil Foss, the Coffee Card Robot is a new Kickstarter project. The robot is a posable figure made from 2 gift cards. The cards are cut and heat formed into shape. Holes are punched for the bolts to be screwed in and hold the figure together. Each robot is made from 16 pieces of gift card plastic and 14 bolts. The robot comes unassembled. The included screwdriver makes for easy assembly.

Backing levels include $5.00 for a screwdriver, screws and PDF instructions or $9.00 to ship your spent cards in and have the robot created for you.

The project will only be funded if at least $100 is pledged by Saturday, November 26th 2016 at 11:30AM EDT.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

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