The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a role-playing video game that was released in May of 2015. The player (in third person view) plays as Geralt of Rivia – a monster hunter (or witcher). The game ended up being extremely popular, selling over 6 million copies in six weeks, and won several Game of the Year awards for 2015.

With all of that said…I’ve never played The Witcher 3. Or either of the first two Witcher games. It’s not that I don’t “get” role-playing games…it’s just that I lack the attention span. Heck…I can barely focus on Pokemon Go. But the cover artwork of Witcher 3 has always intrigued me.


J!NX asked if I wanted to check out their new Geralt of Rivia vinyl figure, based on a stylized version of the main character from Witcher 3. And since the character is what I always thought was interesting – “hey, look, a scary bearded dude with some swords!” – I said sure.

The 6-inch tall rotocast vinyl Geralt toy features six points of articulation (one at the neck, one at his rockin’ ponytail, and two on each arm). It includes a pair of swords, with each one able to fit in Geralt’s right hand. Attached to the figure’s back are a pair of scabbards and a crossbow. The crossbow is not removable.


The figure’s portrait is a stylized version of the Geralt of Rivia character you’ll see in the Witcher 3 videogame. He has prominent grey eyebrows, with a scar running down one side of his face. There’s that stylin’ blond ponytail. And there’s some solid paintwork on his yellow, cat-like eyes.


Overall, if you’re a gamer and a fan of the Witcher videogame series, you’ll likely want to pick up the Geralt vinyl figure. It might not feature the ultra-realistic look of a 1/6th scale collectible, but stylized versions of our favorite characters always have a place in our collections as well.


The Facts

Witcher 3 - Geralt of Rivia Vinyl
Manufacturer: J!NX
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Dimensions: 6 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 6 (neck, ponytail, shoulders, elbows)
Accessories: Silver Sword and Metal Sword
Pricing: $29.99

You can pick one up at the following:

Jinx.com: $29.99


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