Titan Merchandise will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2016 (Booth #5537) with convention exclusive and First To Market TITANS.

They'll have a pair of Star Trek TITANS debuts. There's the 3-inch Amok Time Kirk and Spock Twin Pack. From the Season 2 premiere of 'Star Trek: The Original Series', these two figures are equipped with their deadly Lirpas, with Spock sporting his purple sash and Kirk already suffering from a chest wound. Also, the 4.5-inch USS Enterprise will debut at SDCC. 

Also, Titan will be bringing a pair of exclusives including the Ghostbusters TITANS: 3" Hot Dog Slimer (3 inches tall) and the Cartoon Network TITANS: 4.5" Finn.

Finally, there will be two Doctor Who TITANS debuts - a 12th Doctor TITAN based on his eerie ghost hologram from the episode "Under The Lake" and the translucent/glittery TARDIS.

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