DKE Toys has returned with their third batch of 2016 San Diego Comic Con exclusive releases. They'll all be available at Booth #5045.



STR WAS: Chewback by Mark Todd
30 pieces
"Artist Mark Todd's first ever toy and first ever sculpture is a take on our furry friend. His original was molded and then cast in resin and hand painted by Mark as well. The card back is comprised of 2 riso graph prints on front and back for that very indie zine feel. 3.75" scale carded figure."


Star Rockers Chewrocka by Alien Robot Monster
30 pieces
"Alien Robot Monster aka Chris Nadolski has presented us with the first in his series of Star Rockers. Chewrocka stands at approx 5" tall and comes in an exclusive hot pink especially for convention season."



Wars Not Make One Great by Free Humanity
50 pieces
"Famed street artist Free Humanity has hand customized each 3.75" scale figure and added a paint bucket and roller. More importantly each card back has been hand stenciled, splattered and signed and numbered out of 50 pieces. A Free Humanity stencil on a canvas would be at least 10 times as much money in a gallery. These will not last long."



Obi-Smurf-Kenobi by Greg Aronowitz - BarnYardFX
50 pieces
"Do your eyes deceive you? Not far now... Artist, producer, director, designer, visual effects artist Greg Aronowitz from BarnYardFX has followed up last year's sold out DCon exclusives with another piece in this ongoing(?) series. Looks like the force is strong with this little blue bearded creature. Hand cast and painted 2" carded figure."



Name's Herman. Bicycles by Super Secret Fun Club
11 pieces
"Resin master Super Secret Fun Club has done it again. Hand cast and painted resin figure set with multiple accessories. Edition of 11. Yikes!"

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