The XXRay line of PVC figures from Mighty Jaxx features artist Jason Freeny’s cross-sectional human anatomy (dissection) style with some of DC Comics biggest superheroes. Their initial trio of figures are the stars of Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBatman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.


Each XXRay figure is literally split down the middle, with one side the superhero and the other side – the insides of said superhero. There is the skeletal system and guts and a lung (but no eyeball). The sculpting work lines up pretty well, with things like the teeth lining up with the mouth, for instance.


While there are no “bad guys” among the three figures reviewed here, Mighty Jaxx does have several of them available. One thing I noticed is that the insides of the bad guys are visible on their right side, while the good guys are on their left. I'm sure this was done consciously, but it's likely something you'd miss if not poring over dozens of pictures of little plastic toys.


I think it’s a fun concept, and appreciate Mighty Jaxx bringing Jason Freeny’s work to a fairly significant license such as DC Comics. What would have made the series even better was if that layer that appears to be cut away was included with the figure. That way, you could gross people out by removing it.

Of course, that would likely raise costs. And at just under $20.00, these figures are priced perfectly. You’re not getting accessories or any articulation, so twenty bucks for what equates to a PVC staute is reasonable.


There’s also the fact that I’ve been covering Jason Freeny’s dissections on this site for around seven years. It’s the style and technique he’s become known for. Taking other, often mass-produced, toys and dissecting them. On their website, Mighty Jaxx recognizes Freeny (Dissection), Ben Qwek (Illustration), and Adam Tan (Sculpt) as having a hand in producing these figures. So it’s possible that Freeny is only responsible for that single aspect of the figure…while Qwek or Tan did the DC character. Either way, I get a Touma feel from the undirected portion of the superhero.



I feel the line falls into a niche category for superhero toy collectors, similar to Marvel’s Zombies toys. Your run of the mill Batman fan likely isn’t going to want to see how The Caped Crusader looks sliced and diced. But fans of Freeny’s stylings will likely bite. And pricing it less than $20 places in that impulse buy land where folks might pick one or two XXRay figures up just because they’re so weird and unique.

The Facts

DC Comics XXRay
Series: XXRay
Manufacturer: Mighty Jaxx
Artists: Jason Freeny (Dissection), Ben Qwek (Illustration)
Sculpted by: Adam Tan
Material: PVC
Dimensions: 4 inches tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman
Pricing: $19.90 each

You can pick one up at the following:

XXray.com: $19.90 each
$34.99 each


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