'Ello droogs. Up for a lil' of the old ultraviolence? If there's one cult film toy artists often find their way back to it's Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. Even though I'm an avid fan (my high school senior thesis some 20 years ago was about the novel), it is an odd choice for toy immortalization given the rough subject matter.

Nonetheless...Toy Art Gallery will be releasing this new edition of Kenth Toy Work's Nadsat Boy, which takes its inspiration from A Clockwork Orange. The Le Mans Blue Nadsat Boy stands 7 inches tall and features articulation at the arms, waist and head...and he includes a resin staff to use on Georgie and Dim.

The Le Mans Blue Nadsat Boy will be available today (Friday, May 6th 2016) at Noon PST for $55.00.

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