Threezero meets Devilrobots with the launch of their collaborative collectible figure - the 1/6th scale Samurai To-Fu. Based on their symbolic character To-Fu, the 15-inch tall Samurai To-Fu figure is a fully-articulated reimagining of the iconic character in Threezero’s detailed style. It includes hand-tailored layered clothing featuring a scarf and kimono. Accessories for Samurai To-Fu include a bamboo hat, katana, wakiashi and pistol. The figure also comes with a Frog sidekick figure, who also includes his own exchangeable hands, cloth robe and cabinet accessory.

The pre-order window for Samurai To-Fu with Frog will begin today - Thursday, April 28th 2016 - at 9PM ET over at Threezero’s online store. The Samurai To-Fu figure will run you $198.00.


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