BeeFy & Co. has announced their newest exclusive release for C2E2 and Silicon Valley Comic Con. They'll be exhibiting at both cons simultaneously, with Booth #663 at C2E2 and Booth #421 at SVCC. 

Brachiopoo - their first character from the Adventures of Dinopoos series - measures 15 inches tall and is BeeFy & Co's biggest poo plush to date. He features a bendable and pose-able neck and tail. This Exclusive edition includes Brachiopoo's favorite food - a Yummy Bendable Seaweed. The plush will be a limited edition of 100 pieces (50 at each con) and run $28.00.

Totopoo - a This My Neighbor Totoro inspired plush - stands 10 inches tall. He has 360 degree head articulation and comes with a magnetic removable Leaf Umbrella for all the rainy days waiting at the bus stop. This is an exclusive release and each plush will run $25.00.


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