Mighty Jaxx has released their colored Balloon Dogs and Gummi Bears from the Funny Anatomy series designed by Jason Freeny and manufactured by Hong Kong based 4D Famemaster. They're releasing a total of 21 new products...all listed below.

There's the 8-inch tall Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above left), which will feature four clear colorways: Clear Pink; Clear Yellow; Clear Purple; Clear Green. And the 8-inch tall Metallic Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above right) will include three colorways: Metallic Teal; Metallic Pink; Metallic Dark Blue.

The 4.25-inch tall Baby Clear Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above left) includes a trio of colorways: Clear Blue; Clear Pink; Clear Orange. And the 4.25-inch tall Baby Metallic Balloon Dog Funny Anatomy (above right) is made up of four colorways: Metallic Pink; Metallic Blue; Metallic Teal; Metallic Red.

Finally, they've released the 8.5-inch tall Clear Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy (above left), which includes four colorways: Clear; Clear Yellow; Clear Green; Clear Red. And the 4.25-inch Baby Clear Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy (above right) consists of three colorways: Clear Green; Clear Orange; Clear Red.

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