Flat Bonnie has created an Easter campaign named Adopt A Plush - Save A Bunny. The plush series includes a baby Duck, Chick, and three new Bunny colors. for Easter. These new Flatties are made with premium luxe fleece in soft pastel colors. Each plush comes with an adoption certificate, button and ribbon. They run $23.00 each. The Adopt A Plush - Save A Bunny campaign will be available through April 2016.

About the cause:

Every year, soon after Easter, shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with abandoned animals that were given as Easter gifts to children. Most of these Easter babies will not live to see their first birthday. Many will die from injuries, neglect or be dumped at a park where they will become prey. Others are abandoned at shelters where they will be euthanized. No-kill rescues are overrun every year with unwanted "Easter Bunnies". Live animals are not toys for children. Adopt a plush animal this year instead. Teach a child about adoption and help an animal rescue at the same time. A portion of all Flat Bonnie sales is donated to bunny/animal rescue organizations monthly. As you probably already know, Flat Bonnie's mission is to raise awareness of abandoned animals, and the importance of adopting. Live animals are not toys for children. 

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