Along with 3A Toys announcing their 1/12th scale Judge Dredd figure, they've also announced his infamous bike - The 1/12th Scale Lawmaster MK1. The Lawmaster is available as both a standalone pieces for $120.00 or as a set with the 1/12th scale Dredd for $160.00. And there's a Bambaland Exclusive 1/12th Scale Classic Comic Book Edition Set (shown below) available for $160.00. The Lawmaker bike measures in at 9.45 inches long, and features rubberized soft vinyl tires and six LED illuminated lights (Main Headlamp, four Secondary Side Lights, On-board Computer Display).

They'll be available to purchase from Bambaland on On Thursday November 26th, 2015 at 9:00am HK Time (8PM ET on November 25th).


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