I was only three years old, in 1981, when Escape From New York was released. While somewhat progressive, my parents apparently didn’t believe a child just out of diapers was ready to witness a future dystopian action film from the writer/director who gave the world the horror-slasher Halloween films (John Carpenter).

The movie stars Kurt Russell as the now criminal, and once decorated military Special Forces hero, Snake Plissken. The screen is also graced with the likes of Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Harry Dean Stanton, Isaac Hayes, and Adrienne Barbeau. Escape From New York has become one of those cult classic films from the 1980’s, which is likely why we’ve seen a number of toy releases based on the license in recent years.

Both Funko (via their ReAction line) and NECA have recently released Snake Plissken collectible figures. But the high-end 1/6th scale piece collectors have wanted was just released by Sideshow Collectibles. The 1/6th scale Snake Plissken was produced in both a regular retailer edition as well as a Sideshow Exclusive edition. That Sideshow Exclusive edition is what we’re looking at here.


The first thing you’ll notice about the figure, after you’ve opened the box and seen the dashing Snake Plissken artwork on the interior, is the figure likeness. When it comes to a collectible based on a well-known actor – and I place Kurt Russell in that group – it’s always important to nail the head sculpt and the paint. While I was first a little skeptical, after seeing photos online, I’m pretty sure you could swap out this head for that Captain Ron collectible you always wanted to put together. (And, yes…Captain Ron did wear his patch over the same eye)

Snake comes loaded with accessories. There’s a scene in the film where Lee Van Cleef’s character lays out a variety of weapons for Snake to take into New York City…and it pretty much looks like the image above. Of course, the most important accessory is the cassette tape, which will save the world from nuclear disaster. That cassette is only available with the Sideshow Exclusive version of the figure. Luckily for collectors, the regular version is priced the same as the Sideshow Exclusive version.


The clothes are also spot-on when it comes to on-screen likeness. They have Snake’s leather jacket, black sleeveless shirt, and gray camo pants. What’s somewhat surprising is that Sideshow went and printed the snake tattoo, which is shown off in the in-ring fight scene, on Mr. Plissken’s stomach. The lone negative about the clothes is that they went with holsters and pouches that use difficult to fit in plastic tabs rather than magnets. Now, magnets aren’t always the best, as I’ve had a number of magnets fall off due to age and the glue no longer keeping the magnets in place. But these little tabs are sort of a pain to get snapped.


Overall, this is likely the collectible that hardcore fans of Escape From New York have been waiting on for 34 years or so. While the price point is on the lower end of what most higher end 1/6th scale figures are going for nowadays, it’s likely the Snake Plissken will primarily appeal to those fans of the film…and those folks who continue to renew their Kurt Russell Fan Club subscriptions.


The Facts

1/6th Scale Snake Plissken
Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles
Authorized Likeness: Kurt Russell
Dimensions: 12-inches tall
Outfit: Brown faux leather jacket; Black sleeveless t-shirt; Gray camouflage pants; Black belt; Black boots
Accessories: Revolver with scope; SMG with removable silencer and scope; Sculpted pistol and SMG holsters; Wrist Timer; Wrist Tracker; Three Shurikens; Homing Device; Radio; Cigarette; Exclusive: Hand holding nuclear fusion information cassette tape
Edition Size: Not Announced – Regular Version and Sideshow Exclusive Version
Pricing: $159.99

You can pick one up at the follow:

Sideshow Collectibles: $159.99


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