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Dress Up Like Your Favorite Uglydoll…if they’re Ice-Bat or OX


Uglydolls and Chasing Fireflies have announced a pair of children's costumes...and it's probably not too early to begin thinking about your Halloween costume. The two characters are Ice-Bat and OX. They're available in various sizes and run $70.00 each. Now, you can confuse folks at various comic conventions and trade we always see a few of the official Uglydolls dancing around the con floor.




Wow, these are stupid. Uglydoll has TANKED in recent years. The past 2 years at SDCC one one was in their booth and by Saturday they actually had buy 1 get 1 free and half-priced everything. What started so incredible 7 years ago, is terrible now. Horvath cashed in and let the brand become a joke.

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