Joe Ledbetter has released a pair of new Chaos Bunny sets - the Chaos Bunnies Pin Collection and the Chaos Bunnies Magnet Series.

The Pin Collection (pictured above) includes five enamel pins. They measure at least 1.75 inches tall and come with some special features like bobble ears, glow-in-the-dark eyes, or dangling crossbones. Characters include: Mr. Bunny, Lava Bunny, Jolly Roger Bunny, Spaced-Out Bunny, and Cactus Bunny. They're available separately for $12.00 each or as a full-set for $55.00 (plus shipping).

The Magnet Series (pictured below) includes four acrylic magnets, each 3.5 inches tall. Character include: Leopard Bunny, Bipolar Bunny, Funny Bunny, and Calavera Bunny. They're available separately for $8.00 each or as a full-set for $30.00 (plus shipping).


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