GeoBunnies are geometrical shaped plush bunnies that are meant to be entertaining and educational. And now to get the GeoBunnies plush produced on a bigger and better quality scale, they have a Kickstarter project that needs to be funded within the next several days.  

They're starting off with GeoBunnies shapes: Pentagon, Hexagon, and Equilateral Triangle. Each 5-inch tall plush has already been prototyped in plush form (as seen in the photo below) and will be made of super soft velboa fabric with formulas for calculating their are embroidered on their backsides. The plush GeoBunnies are available beginning at the $16.00 funding level, with all three being available at $45.00.

The project will only be funded if at least $9,900 is pledged by Sunday, April 5th 2015 at 9:03 PM ET.


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