Threezero is currently taking pre-orders for the 1/72 ZOIDS Iron Kong collectible. Measuring 10.2-inches in height and 12.6-inches wide, the figure features over 50 points of articulation. "The Iron Kong is a Gorilla-type Zoid, one of over 200 species of fictional biomechanical lifeforms depicted in TOMY's ZOIDS toy and media franchise." It's currently available to pre-order for $300.00.

The ZOIDS Iron Kong figure features the following:

  • Articulated fingers
  • Iron Kong's mouth can be opened
  • Rotatable circular saw on both arms
  • Extendable backpack with turnable power pack
  • Highly detailed mechanic parts under the main armor plate
  • Opening cockpit with 2 pilots inside
  • Light up eyes and cockpit

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