In addition to the NHL and MLB, OYO Sports has a series of officially licensed National Football League OYO minifigures from all 32 NFL teams. There are also approximately 43 NCAA teams represented by either players or team Endzone Sets.

The Endzone Set includes 64 total pieces, including a trio of figures (two team figures and a referee) and an 5-inch by 10-inch Endzone and 3.5-inch tall Field Goal. There’s also the Game Time Set, which includes eleven team figures, a referee, and a full size field. The OYOs are compatible with other notable building block toys like Lego, K'nex, Mega Blocks and more.

For purposes of this review, we were able to get our hands on the Philadelphia Eagles Endzone Set.


The Facts

NFL OYO Minifigures Endzone Set
Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: About 2” tall
Points of Articulation: 11 (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, and knees)
Designs: Players from all 32 NFL teams
Accessories: 64 total pieces – 2 OYO team character minifigures (with team helmets); OYO referee minifigure; Football; Water bottle; 59 blocks to build end zone
Pricing: $29.99


The Philadelphia Eagles Endzone Set comes packaged in a large rectangular box. The front and back of the box feature images of the figures and the included end zone (completely put together). Inside, there are three bags with the field, field goal post, and figures. You’ll also get the all-important instructions in there.


Our Opinion

The figures included in the Endzone Set are a little different than your individual OYO minifigure. While the individual minifigures you can purchase feature a slight likeness of the player along with the appropriate jersey name and number, the Endzone Set includes what are essentially “generic” football players with the number 00 on their front and back.


Those two Eagles figures – one white and one black - have a much more stylized look. They sport a large goatee, gritting teeth, eye black, squinting eyes, and large eyebrows. There’s also an OYO referee minifigure included. And accessories include a football and water bottle.


The field includes the end zone, up to the 25 yard line. The end zone features the team’s logo across multiple pieces. The field is a little difficult to put together, so I’d suggest a table – preferably a LEGO table. As you can tell from the photo above, I messed up the 20 yard marker. There’s also the yellow goal post that you can practice putting the included OYO football through.

As far as the Endzone Set, I see it as more of a display option or an item for children who don’t care about specific players. Since OYO produces plenty of those individual minifigures, I think most collectors and fans will likely go that route.

To pick one up, check out the following:

OYO Sports: $29.99



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