Bob Conge and Plaseebo will be represented at Designer Con for the first time. Some new one of a kind vinyl figures will be available from the Gorgoloid Booth #933 (along with works from Mechavirus and Gorgoloid).

Below are some of those pieces:

The Spotted Mega Warui Neko (pictured above) is a one of a kind 8-inch tall custom mash up with Kaiju Coup featuring swirled glass eyes, resin fangs and a motion activated color changing LED unit.

The Blue Eyed Skullo Tank (pictured above) is a one of a kind 4-inch long custom mash up of a Max Toy tank with a Plaseebo hand cast resin Skullo head.

The Robo Kong Fighter (pictured bottom) is a one of a kind 5-inch high custom mash up of RealHead and Max Toy parts featuring cloth and an inset eye.

The Plaseebo Mummy (pictured top) a one of a kind 7 inch high custom hand paint with swirled glass eyes.

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