With the opening of The Heads of Advertising at Kansas City’s Reactor Design Studio, designer and director Dana Lechtenberg, contributor to Gallery1988 in Los Angeles and coordinator for Thirty-Three and a Third Album Art Shows, offers visitors a deeper glimpse into the personalities behind Saturday morning cartoons and after school TV commercials.

“When I was about nine or ten, I would go to the local grocery store with my mom, grab a brown paper bag from the big barrel of peanuts, sit in front of the cereal aisle, and draw the characters from the boxes,” said Lechtenberg. “The show is a just a chance to smile, maybe hum a jingle or two and think about these lovable guys whose sole mission was to get us to beg our parents to spend.”

An opening-night reception will be held on Friday September 5th 2014 from 5PM to 9PM. Reactor is located at 1817 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO. The show will be on display for about a month and with fifteen portraits including Burger King, Captain Cupcake, Frankenberry, Bud Man, Sprout, Woodsy Owl, Charlie Tuna, and Quisp.

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