Just what are the Sucklord’s Suckpanels


Listen...I usually "get" what the Sucklord is doing with most of his limited edition special releases. But these "Suckpanel" things...I must be missing something. Take, for example, the image above. Basically, it looks like a bag of eaten Lay's potato chips has been glued to a piece of plywood with an old Kenner Star Wars Bossk figure attached to it in a clear blister. And it sold for $150.00.

Now, I looked on eBay, and it appears that a loose Bossk figure can be purchased for about $4.00 (weapon included). So you're looking at a 3750% markup. I guess you could include the $1.49 bag of chips as well as glue, plywood, and the plastic blister. But you understand what I'm getting at.

Some of the Suckpanel releases feature mashups - one with Darth Vader's head on Dr Mindbender's body. But they're mostly old Star Wars figures on old magazine advertisements...some quite disturbing.

I just don't understand them. Is it art? Is it a money grab? Is there something I'm missing?

3 thoughts on “Just what are the Sucklord’s Suckpanels

  1. Sucklord… He is like the annoying kid in high school that no matter how many times you say he’s being annoying, he soaks it up and says hahaha, I love being annoying. Sucklord produces crap. While some say “art is in the eye of the beholder”, I say “Sucklord isn’t producing art.” It’s crap and these new Suckpanel pieces are a new low, even for him. THANK YOU for writing this article and calling him out! Finally, someone does!

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