Johnny Ryan has released Prison Pit, "an animated adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel PRISON PIT: Book One". Definitely not for the little ones or those with weak stomachs toward cartoon ultraviolence, the nearly 40 minute long video features the animation as well as a 23 minute long documentary with the creator, voice actors, animators, etc.

The video runs $6.99 and all proceeds from it will go towards making more Prison Pit videos. If you've ever purchased one of Louis CK's's much the same process. You can pay via Paypal and get instant access to the streaming and downloadable version of the mini-film.

And you will see two character that should be familiar to fans of Monster Worship toys: Cannibal F*ckface and Rottweiler Herpes. And if those names didn't set off warning signs...just take a gander at the preview.

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