MadKnits Otis 1 MadKnits Otis 2

The folks at MadKnits have announced June's Monster-of-the-Month. Otis is a closed release of 20 pieces, with each one signed and numbered on a laser-etched cassette tape. Standing in at 10" tall, Otis features a fur mohawk that runs down his back. 

You'll be able to pick on up at the MadKnits Store for $38.00 beginning at Noon ET on Saturday June 21st 2014.

A little bit about him:

Otis is the lead singer of one of the sweetest bands to ever hit the Northwest: Otis and the Canadian Soldiers! His band is a killer blend of punk and dance jams, and is made up completely of MadKnits monsters. Originally from Canada (and before that outerspace) Otis is stoked to be travelling again and bringing his unique sound and fashion sense stateside! Keep an eye out, he might be hitting a venue near you soon...

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