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Toy Art Gallery has two new releases set to take place on Friday May 2nd 2014 at Noon PT - the Paul Kaiju Gacha Mini Set and Kenth Toy Works’ NADSAT BOY Beethoven Edition.

The Gacha Mini Set features five all-new sculpts from Paul Kaiju: Boss Carrion, Unchiman, Mockbat, Demon Dog, and Mockpet. Each mini stands around 2" tall and is cast in light blue vinyl. The set will be available for $60.00, while individual figures will sell for $15.00 each.

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The Beethoven Nadsat Boy is the very first painted Nadsat Boy edition (paintjob by Shirahama). Standing in at 7" tall, the figure features a removable walking stick and articulation at the arms and head. It will run $75.00.

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