Monster Brawl

Bob Conge is showing off some of the pieces from Plaseebo that will be in the Monster Brawl Show opening this Saturday (April 12th 2014) at the Monster Kolor Gallery. 

Plaseebo frankenbrain b Plaseebo frankenbrain gid Plaseebo frankenbrain led a

The 9" high "Franken Bust" is cast in 4 pounds of clear resin with a pink resin GID brain inside the head and a color-changing  There is an LED unit in the base of the sculpt.

Plaseebo littlebighead zombie a Plaseebo littlebighead zombie c Plaseebo littlebighead zombie led

The "Little Big Head Zombie Baby”  is a 7.5" tall clear resin body by Miscreation mashed-up with a resin head by Plaseebo with color-changing LED units.

Plaseebo burnt toast ngmer d Plaseebo burnt toast ngmer led

The “Burnt Toast Night Gamer” is a 6.5" tall vinyl hand paint with LED unit eyes and a color-changing internal LED unit that illuminates the figure from within.

Plaseebo silverblue skullo a Plaseebo silverblue skullo c Plaseebo silverblue skullo led

And the “Silver-Blue Skulloctopus from Outer Space” is a 3.25” clear vinyl with internal LED unit that illuminates the skull filled with space junk brain parts.

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