Rainy Day Antagonist 1

Christopher Avalos (Evilos) has taken his quest to get his Rainy Day Antagonist - DIY resin toy to Kickstarter. Here's how he describes the project.

He is a character that I came up with a very long time ago when rainy weather would cause all sorts of delays. I don't have a traditional indoor studio like many other artists, my studio is outside and I rely on the great southern California weather to get my work done. Some days I cannot paint because of bad weather and that's what my Rainy Day character personifies. With your help and pledges, I can create a Do It Yourself White Resin figure that you can customize however you wish. He will come in five pieces for easy painting and is 4 inches tall. Just paint, put him back together and you will have a figure all your own.

You can grab the DIY figure with a pledge of $60.00. This project will be funded on Monday May 5th 2014 at 3:21 PM ET.

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