R Crumb Crest of a Wave

The R.Crumb Site has announced a new etching edition - On the Crest of a Wave. The etching measures 14" x 13" with an Image size of approximately 9" x 7". Printed on archival Hahnemuhle paper, this edition of 50 pieces will sell for $350.00 each.

In 1990, Crumb drew this cartoon for the cover of Fantagraphic's The Complete Crumb Volume 6. The volume contained his work created on the crest of the wave, late 1969 and early 1970, just before the youth movement came crashing down. Crumb's talents as an editorial cartoonist are well displayed here, humorously summarizing his generation's youthful and naive expectation for a better world. Crumb recently told printer Alex Wood, "There were very few people who were aware the wave was going to crash when we were on the crest." And the cartoon depicts this: there are several terrified hippies who are aware of the impending confrontation with reality. Crumb reworked the illustration for this etching edition.

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