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Kaitlin Juarez and Max Yax are the creative forces behind the MadKnits line of handmade plush creatures. They’ve been creating these little monsters for several years now, and have come up with the following background story on the line:

Years ago while on a intergalactic voyage across space Ender, the Captain of the monsters spaceship, with a once spotless record, crash landed on a strange planet. Deemed by NASA as nothing more then a little piece of space debris, nothing more was thought of the crash.

Now years later they have adapted to our world and have spread to all corners of the planet. They have also started to come out of hiding and begun seeking companionship with humans.

Recently, MadKnits released a new series called the MadKnits Minis. A blind bagged series, the MadKnits Minis features four characters, each having a hand-cast resin face.

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The Facts

MadKnits Minis
Series: MadKnits Minis
Manufacturer: MadKnits
Artist: Kaitlin Juarez and Max Yax
Material: Wool blend felt body and a hand-cast resin face
Dimensions: 4” tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Designs: 4 characters; 1 in 10 special (GID, hand-painted, etc)
Pricing: $14.00

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The MadKnits Minis are a blind-bagged plush series. The brown paper bag doesn’t allow you to get a look at what’s inside, but it does feature illustrated renderings of the various characters (and ratios) on the rear.

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Our Opinion

As far as the characters, there are four of them. They’re all very close in overall feel, so it’s not likely that you will pull one that you do not like. They all have a simple body with two legs (no arms), various ears, and different resin faces. The face is where most of the details are located.

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I like that they also have included some special variant pieces, such as GID or hand-painted resin faces, within the blind-bag assortment. That seems like a much better variant than a different color plush or something along those lines.

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Since they only stand around 4” in height, it feels like these will go well amongst both a plush or a vinyl collection. I usually set a strict $10.00 limit on any blind-boxed or blind-bagged item. However, in the case of the MadKnits Minis, I’ll waive that. These are handmade plush toys with a hand-cast resin face, so they’re well worth the $14.00 based on quality alone.

You can currently purchase one at the following:

MadKnits: $14.00 per blind bag

MadKnits Minis Grades

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