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The Toronto-based Monster Factory has been crafting plush monsters for around 10 years now. They’ve grown from their original six monsters to over one hundred unique characters from dozens of series.

This past summer, the company released their first retail line of mini plush monsters. These are currently available throughout North America. The series consists of twelve of Monster Factory’s most popular characters.

When I was asked which character I’d like to check out for a review, I had to go with the leader of their Buddy & Friends series. His bio states: “Buddy is surprisingly deep for someone who spends so much of his time 'zoned out'.” It was just something that resonated with me.

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The Facts

Buddy (Mini)
Series: Buddy & Friends
Manufacturer: Monster Factory
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 5” tall
Pricing: $12.95

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Buddy’s tag features a simple photograph of the plush on one side, and an illustration of the Monster Factory logo on the other side. Of course, since the plush toys are from Canada, the tag is in both English and French.

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Our Opinion

I’ve been reporting on Monster Factory plush releases for years now, but this is their first review on the site. While each plush character has a similar feel to others produced by the company, each individual series focuses on a slightly different unique look.

Most characters are simple. Yet they all elicit a goofy smile from onlookers. Recently, I noticed shelves full of Monster Factory plush toys in a Food Lion (a regional grocery chain) commercial. According to Monster Factory, it was apparently shot in Canada. But they’ve vastly underpriced the plush toys.

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The minis are what can currently be found at various retailers throughout North America. And while the mini versions are reproductions of the originals, they look slightly different than their larger brethren. That’s pretty standard for most plush lines that either shrink or grow their original character. I don’t think one way looks “better” than the other. They just have different personalities.

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Buddy, like most Monster Factory plush, is able to stand. That’s a definite plus if you like to display your plush toys alongside any other types of collectibles. At 5” tall, you’re probably not going to cuddle up with one of the minis. (I guess if you have T-Rex arms, it’s an option)

And since the design is fairly simple, there’s not a lot of intricate stitching that might subtract from the overall quality of Buddy. It’s pretty much: sewn-on eyes, a tannish mouth, and arms. And I found no fault with any of that workmanship.

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Overall, I think if you’re looking to get into collecting Monster Factory plushies or if you are looking for one for the office, the minis might likely be your best bet. However, I still do like the larger versions better as that size allows for more intricate details.

You can pick one up at the following:

Monster Factory: $12.95

Monster Factor Buddy Grades

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