3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 1

The folks at 3A Toys have released all of the juicy details surrounding their release of the newest Real Steel robot - Noisy Boy. On November 1st 2013 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on Halloween), you'll be able to head to Bambalandstore.com to order your sixth-scale Noisy Boy. Retailing for $380.00, only the Bambaland Exclusive Edition comes with the sixth-scale Bot Controller and Headset.

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 2

Some of the figure details are below:

• Noisy Boy Stands Over 17 Inches Tall
• Over 500 LED Lights Throughout The Figure (Eyes, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Arms, Thighs and Lower Legs)
• Randomized Animated LED Sequence on Forearms Displaying Five Different Symbols
• Realistic Rubberized Tread on Bottom of Feet
• Metallic Style Paint Application on Outer Armor

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 3 3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 4

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