Sucklord Rejects 1

The Sucklord has announced that the annual occurrence know as THE REJECTS is again upon you. Every year, the Suckadelic Sweat shop opens up the bins of broken toy bits, failed castings, and random figure color tests, then Frankensteins them up into an array of one-off assemblages known simply as THE REJECTS.

Sucklord Rejects 2

This year, the harvest has been unusually large, with over 150 unique mash-ups produced and packed in a dedicated blistercard that comes in 2 styles. You can see an assortment of some of the weirder ones here. They're available to purchase blind for $75.00.

Sucklord Chop Suey 3 1 Sucklord Chop Suey 3 2

Also, the CHOP SUEY 3: Triple Delight is now available. These customized Take-out containers are packed with all the Suckadelic toy-making detritus too crappy to even make a figure with. Each one comes with a pair of Customized Chopsticks. It's an edition size of 50 pieces, and you can place your pint-sized takeout order for $50.00.

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