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With GUND taking over the production of David + Sun-Min’s Uglydoll plush toys last year, we’ve seen a number of new collaborations (Hello Kitty and DC Comics) as well as a few different takes on classic Uglydoll characters. Two of those new-look Uglys are the Mathlete Babo and OX with a slice of Pizza.

The Mathlete Babo is sporting his red “2+2=cookie” shirt. Everyone knows of Babo’s affinity for those chocolate chip treats, although, not many know of his arithmetic love. And the OX with Pizza Uglydoll features OX holding on to a slice of pizza. It appears to be a slice with a few pieces of pepperoni on it.

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The Facts

Mathlete Babo and OX with Pizza
Series: Uglydolls
Manufacturer: GUND
Artists: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 11” tall
Pricing: $18.00 each

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The Uglydoll swing tag has changed slightly with the transition over to GUND. There’s the “Gotta Get GUND” logo and the close-up illustration of the Uglydoll character on the front of the tag. Inside, it still features a background story as well as a full illustration of your Uglydoll.

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Our Opinion

If you didn’t know that Pretty Ugly transitioned production of the Uglydolls line to GUND, there’s no way you’d be able to tell from looking at the product. It’s still the same Uglydoll that you kids grew up loving. Still the same material and the same quality.

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And Babo and OX are two of those Uglydoll characters that you grew up loving (I guess, depending on your age). While we’ve seen a number of Uglydolls pass us by, there are always a handful of memorable ones. Babo and OX are two of those mainstays.

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That makes creating variant plush versions of them a good thing. I feel that there are collectors who would prefer getting a slightly different look at one of their favorites than a totally new character. It makes sense.

With that said, I do feel like the Mathlete Babo brings a little something more to the table. Adding the shirt and a cookie changes up his look a lot more than adding a slice of pizza. That’s why I feel like the Hello Kitty and DC Comics collaborations will draw high grades. Give collectors a little different look to an old favorite.

You can pick one up at the following: $18.00 each

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