Sideshow Storm Shadow 1

Sideshow Collectibles has announced that the deadly assassin, Storm Shadow, is the newest member of their COBRA Sixth Scale figure collection. Available in a regular and Sideshow Exclusive (Cobra Head Katana Sword) edition, with each one running $179.99. Look for the figure to begin shipping in February 2014.

Sideshow Storm Shadow 4 Sideshow Storm Shadow 3 Sideshow Storm Shadow 2

Each Storm Shadow Sixth-Scale figure includes:

• Balaclava concealed portrait
• Katana
• Compound Bow with arrows
• Two Ninja Tonfas
• Winter camouflage suit
• Forearm gauntlets
• Shin guards
• Ninja Tabi boots
• Padded assault vest
• Clawed fighting hand
• Shuriken hand
• Additional posed gloved hands
• Climbing rope
• Assault pack
• Figure Display Stand

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