Plaseebo DC Lobbyist Print

Bob Conge will be taking part in the Creatures five artist show, which opens tonight (August 9th 2013) from 6PM to 9PM at FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA. There are a number of new pieces available and on display, including the first in a new series from Plaseebo.

Plaseebo DC Lobbyist 2 Plaseebo DC Lobbyist 1 Plaseebo DC Lobbyist 3

The Great American Kaiju are inspired by real monsters, and the first is The D C LOBBYIST. It's a one of a kind 11" tall hand-painted resin with internal motion activated color changing LED units that will be accompanied by a 18" x 24" limited edition print of the same name.

Plaseebo Slugphant 1 Plaseebo Slugphant 2 Plaseebo Slugphant 3

The Slugaphant is a one of a kind mash-up with Paul Kaiju's clear vinyl Boss and the Plaseebo Slug resin body. The head is filled with brain junk floating in clear liquid and the body has a switched color changing LED unit mounted in the base for navigating those dark nights on the strip.

Plaseebo Isotope Night Gamer 1 Plaseebo Isotope Night Gamer 2

The one-of-a-kind Isotope Night Gamer vinyl custom features five color changing motion activated LED units.

Plaseebo Blue Pink Transporting Skulloctopus 1 Plaseebo Blue Pink Transporting Skulloctopus 2 Plaseebo Blue Pink Transporting Skulloctopus 3

The custom Pink and Blue Skulloctopus from Outer Space is filled with space debris floating in asteroid slime and features an internal motion activated LED unit.

Plaseebo Skulloctopus Print

And there will be the debut of a limited edition 18" x 24" print Skulloctopus From Outer Space signed and numbered by Bob.

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