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The Horndribbles are a series of four unique plush toys from artist Lucas Richards and Explorers Playground Inc.

The Horndribbles are friendly, and fun-loving, monsters who live on--you guessed it!--Horndribble Island, a wild land full of endless places to go exploring.

In addition to their plush line, those four characters – Hux (bright blue), Meeks (light blue), Mosby (furry grey), and Zapp (pink) – have found their way to the pages of their own book: Zapp And The Oogah-Oogah Nut.

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The Facts

The Horndribbles
Manufacturer: Explorers Playground Inc.
Artist: Lucas Richards
Material: Plush
Dimensions: Around 15” tall
Designs: Hux, Meeks, Mosby, and Zapp
Pricing: $34.99 each

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Each of the plush Horndribbles includes the same basic swing tag. It features the Horndribbles logo on the front and some legal jargon on the rear.

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Our Opinion

Each of the four Horndribbles offers a very different character design. From the furry Mosby to the bright blue Hux, you’re not getting the usual cookie-cutter style plush toy line.

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There’s also a children’s book, which gives some sort of context or background story to the characters. The illustrated adventure allowed me to compare the plush toys to their book bound counterparts. And as far as the kids…the book – Zapp And The Oogah-Oogah Nut – clearly entertained my three year old, who wanted to hear it several times. Even if he could barely pronounce the title.

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But this review is really about the plush toys. Reading the book clearly left my little one wanting to play with the plush toys. So, they got you there. And the plush characters are pretty entertaining. I actually like the plush better than the illustrated versions.

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They’re of good quality. It doesn’t appear that there are any stitching issues. Although, leave it to my dogs, who will no doubt swipe one of these, to truly test those limits. Things like the different color eyelids that are sewn on, will likely be overlooked…but they shouldn’t be.

So, if I had to choose the order of characters, from favorite to least, it would most likely go: Mosby, Hux, Meeks, and Zapp. There’s just something unsettling about Zapp’s lack of an upper jaw (or is it a severe underbite?).

Recommended for: Kids of all ages. Plush collectors. Parents. Fans of Monsters.

You can pick one up at the following: $34.99 each plush and $16.99 for the book

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