Mezco Axe Cop

Mezco Toyz has announced the 4-inch tall Axe Cop Figure Series 1.

Series 1 includes:

Axe Cop - The star of the show, with axe, poopsucker gun (to help him conquer Planet Poop), Uni Baby, and lemon grenade (all the explosive power of a regular grenade but with a lemony freshness).
Dr Doo Doo - One of Axe Cop's many arch enemies, with Doo Doo soldier, and sword. Also includes clear stands to create the "hover" effect.
Avocado Soldier - Axe Cop's metamorphosing partner, with flute, machine gun, and removable unicorn horn (for magic powers, of course).

The Axe Cop series will hit stores in October 2013.

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